The Joy of Plenty

(noun) 1. A method that increases the value of your food dollars so you can include more organic food in your pantry. 2. A way to cooperatively purchase food wholesale and in bulk. 3. A practice that contributes to the health of our planet. 4. An avenue to experience happiness and good fortune by connecting friends, food, and the Earth. 5. A way to store and use what is right there in your pantry to create flavorful meals quickly. 6. The thread of support that creates “The Hive”.

Pantry Partners/Groups

(noun) 1. People who cooperatively purchase food to gain access to wholesale markets. 2. People who help each other dramatically increase the purchasing power of their food dollars. 3. Friends who share ideas and resources.

The Hive

(noun) 1. The network of The Joy of Plenty Pantry Partners and Groups interacting with wholesale and farm-direct food suppliers. 2. A way for farmers to tap directly into organic food markets. 3. A community based on respecting others and sharing connections, knowledge, and kindness. 4. A way to improve pollinator health by increasing the demand for organic food and decreasing the need for toxic pesticides.


(verb) [From the root word “cide” meaning “to kill” as in pesticide, fungicide, insecticide, herbicide, ecocide, and biocide.] 1. To deliver a small and steady dose of toxic chemicals via food, air or water.  2. Excessive use of toxic agricultural chemicals.
(noun) 1. A process that accelerates the deterioration of ecological systems. 2. The sum total of pesticide residues that lurk invisibly in food. 3. Sub-lethal doses of pesticide residues that accumulate in the body and create ill health.

More to come!